Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fallen Heroes Will Rise In "Chaos War"

I've just found out about this new "Cosmic Event" happening in October, I'm still going through some more info on the new series but lets just say this thing is so big, its effecting the afterlife. From what I looked up, this war causes some weird things to happen and causes these people to be pushed out of the afterlife and back in the world of the living and no they're not least thats what the writers are saying.

This past week Marvel revealed 3 tie-in books of some of these non zombie dead people.

First up is "The Dead Avengers"

Second is "Chaos War: Alpha Flight"

Finally, "Chaos War: Ares"

Dead Avengers will be a 3-issues series while Alpha Flight & Ares will be One-Shots.

For an Event I just found out about, I'm looking forward to it, Especially these tie-in. I really like a lot of these characters (Minus Yellow Jacket, nothing personal but I'd rather have Scott Lang return) and seeing them back in action is going to be really cool, also its going to be interesting how the other heroes will react when these guys reveal themselves. But will these heroes be staying permanently or once the chaos is over they go back to being dead? I'm thinking they'll be worm food again when all is said and done, but we'll find out this Fall!

For the interviews with the writers of these books go to:

Source: Newsarama

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