Monday, October 4, 2010

Marvel Legends Black Panther Review

Here's Today's Review. Hope you all Enjoy :D

Alien vs Ninja Trailer - English Subs

Ninjas, who doesn't like them. Skilled Warriors with one blink they take out a group of enemies and another blink, disappear into the night as if they were never there. For as long as I can remember people have been pairing ninjas with other enemies (Pirates, Zombies, Vampires, Chuck Norris etc.) to see who would win. Now a movie thats out has Ninjas going up against a new enemy, Aliens!!!!!

Here's the trailer and man I want to see this so bad.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Hub's Animal Mechanicals, My thoughts on it

The Hub, the joint venture of Discovery & Hasbro will be premiering next Sunday, but for those of you who have Comcast as their cable provider (like me) they have the Hub on Demand with a few episodes of different shows to watch (No Transformers Prime or G.I. Joe Renegades yet :( ) though one show I did wanted to check out was "Animal Mechanicals"

Now, this show is not a show created just for the Hub, it was broadcast in Canada in 2007 and as of now has a running season of 2 & episode count of 40. This is also a preschool show so obviously this is not intended for older kids/teens.

Here are your Animal Mechanicals ( Komodo, Mouse, Rex, Sasquatch, and Unicorn) and each has their own transformation ability (Komodo's tail creates different types of tools, Mouse changes to a speeder type vehicle, Rex changes to a multi purpose tractor to push/lift/dig, Sasquatch can stretch his limbs to great distances, and Unicorn can fly by deploying plane like wings and feet change to thrusters.)

The concept of the show is each segment ( an episode is divided into 2 segments) they are given a mission to complete, they seem very simple like planting a seed or escorting an animal from one location to another. but as the mission goes on the team has to solve certain problems/get through an obstacle by figuring out which of there abilities is best suited to get the job done.

This show is about teamwork and problem solving, it has very bright colors, interesting looking characters/shapes, and the voice acting is well done for this type of show.

For me, its a cute, fun, harmless show that I know little kids can enjoy. It's something I won't be seeking out to watch but if I'm flipping through channels and come across an episode and nothing else is on, sure I'll watch it. Animal Mechanicals gets my seal of Approval.

X-Men Classics Stealth Beast Review

Here's Today's Review. Hope you Enjoy :D

Reveal The Shield Toys..............REVEALED!!!

Hey guys & gals, its been awhile but I'm back and here this post is about the first couple of figures from the new Transformers toyline called "Reveal the Shield".

lets first take a look at the legends class, even though they still have the "Hunt for the Decepticons" tagline the logo on the card does have the new tagline as well.
Here we have Trailcutter(Trailbreaker) Optimus Prime, Starscream, Prowl, Gold Bumblebee (Gold Bug), and Megatron. Now they all look really nice but my only gripe is just with the name and thats Gold Bumblebee, for one, calling him that name is just lame but I guess it makes sense because he IS just a repaint, no remolded face to resemble Gold Bug but whatever. The fact that this is pretty much all G1 is really cool, I don't really buy Legends, but for these I'll make an exception ;)

Now lets take a look at the first wave of the Deluxe class of this line

Here we have Fallback(Outback), Mindset, Special Ops Jazz (HELL YEAH!), and Turbo Tracks. Lets get to the redecos first, Fallback, even though he is just a straight up redeco, the color scheme looks real nice and they used one of my favorite molds so its all good. Mindset, he's a redeco of Hailstorm but with a new sculpted head and even though I don't own this mold yet, I've heard good things about it and it too looks good. Now the New stuff, Special Ops Jazz............HE WILL BE MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Moving on we have Turbo Tracks, this picture of him is mistransformed but I like him, people are having their gripes about him but I'm digging the design, he's got that alternators look. 

Lastly lets look at a Voyager Class of this Line
Here is Solar Storm Grappel(Grapple). Now this is not just a redeco of the Universe Inferno, it also has some remolded parts: The head, arms, and feet. Also he has a new accessory with the crane instead of the fire hose. He overall looks really nice and again they're using a mold that I really like and is one of my favorite molds to come out.

Let me finish off by quickly talking about the names given to some of these guys, Special Ops Jazz, Turbo Tracks, and Solar Storm Grappel. I think this is a better way to name them instead of going with the old "Autobot Insert Name Here". The other names like Fallback & Trailcutter while I don't mind it I wonder why they didn't add titles to their names so they can still keep their original names, but again I'm not 100% sure how the copyright nameing goes.

But in all I'm really looking forward to this line along with the other lines coming out, my wallet on the other hand is crying......