Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Hub's Animal Mechanicals, My thoughts on it

The Hub, the joint venture of Discovery & Hasbro will be premiering next Sunday, but for those of you who have Comcast as their cable provider (like me) they have the Hub on Demand with a few episodes of different shows to watch (No Transformers Prime or G.I. Joe Renegades yet :( ) though one show I did wanted to check out was "Animal Mechanicals"

Now, this show is not a show created just for the Hub, it was broadcast in Canada in 2007 and as of now has a running season of 2 & episode count of 40. This is also a preschool show so obviously this is not intended for older kids/teens.

Here are your Animal Mechanicals ( Komodo, Mouse, Rex, Sasquatch, and Unicorn) and each has their own transformation ability (Komodo's tail creates different types of tools, Mouse changes to a speeder type vehicle, Rex changes to a multi purpose tractor to push/lift/dig, Sasquatch can stretch his limbs to great distances, and Unicorn can fly by deploying plane like wings and feet change to thrusters.)

The concept of the show is each segment ( an episode is divided into 2 segments) they are given a mission to complete, they seem very simple like planting a seed or escorting an animal from one location to another. but as the mission goes on the team has to solve certain problems/get through an obstacle by figuring out which of there abilities is best suited to get the job done.

This show is about teamwork and problem solving, it has very bright colors, interesting looking characters/shapes, and the voice acting is well done for this type of show.

For me, its a cute, fun, harmless show that I know little kids can enjoy. It's something I won't be seeking out to watch but if I'm flipping through channels and come across an episode and nothing else is on, sure I'll watch it. Animal Mechanicals gets my seal of Approval.

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  1. You spelled "Kamodo" wrong. It's actually the correct one is "Komodo". By the way, this show is really good and it could be the next pre-schooler hit in the world.